Provincial carpool places made more sustainable with 70 V2G chargers under We Drive Solar Solar Carports

Een bi-directionele laadpaal, geplaatst bij een Solar Carport van WeDriveSolar.

The goal is to encourage electric transport to reduce CO2 emissions. In an important step towards sustainable mobility, We Drive Solar has won an attractive tender from the Province of Utrecht to integrate sustainable energy generation and electric charging at provincial carpool places.

The project

A total of 10 carpool places around Utrecht will be equipped with Solar Carports. Together these contain 2800 solar panels. The carports can accommodate 465 cars, 70 of which are equipped with charging stations. These charging stations, supplied by Vigor, are bidirectional, allowing electric cars to feed back into the electricity grid during peak times.

Sustainability and Social Impact

The project is a great step in contributing to the energy transition. By combining sustainable generation and charging, We Drive Solar further reduces the CO2 footprint of electric transport. Facilitating electric driving at provincial carpool sites will also contribute to greater acceptance of electric vehicles, which will ultimately lead to cleaner air and a healthier living environment for everyone. It has been agreed that the charging rates on these solar carports will always be lower than the comparable petrol costs per kilometer.

Bidirectional Chargers

The sun-controlled bidirectional chargers can charge and discharge (also called V2G or vehicle to grid). This allows car batteries to be used as storage for a 100 percent sustainable energy system based on sun and wind. Suitable electric cars can supply energy back to the electricity grid when electricity prices are high, and charge when prices have fallen. Several electric vehicles suitable for bidirectional charging will come onto the market next year. We Drive Solar expects that this technology will soon become the standard for new EVs. The V2G chargers supplied by Vigor were designed in collaboration with We Drive Solar. This makes the solar carports ready for a bidirectional future.

Future prospects

The first Carports will be installed in the spring of 2024, and the project will run until mid-2025. This project opens doors to new opportunities for sustainable infrastructure. It is an example of how innovative companies and organizations can work together to create a greener and more environmentally friendly society.