Our Story: Born from a Unique Collaboration

It is early 2023, a time when the future of electric vehicle charging is becoming a central theme. During this period, Vigor sees the light of day for the very first time. Vigor, a young and innovative company with a fresh view on the future of EV charging, has its origins in the former Charging Solutions business unit of NieuweWeme.

Koolen Industries

NieuweWeme, an established company with more than 30 years of experience in producing sustainable solutions, was acquired by Koolen Industries in 2021. Immediately after the acquisition, the company underwent a restructuring, during which it was split into different business units to provide a sharper focus on the various business activities.

Koolen Industries now includes more than 27 cleantech companies that work together towards a more sustainable future.

Innovative Collaborations

Vigor represents the new faces that embody the world of (further) development and production of smart, intelligent charging solutions. As part of this group, Vigor works closely with partners, such as We Drive Solar, who are committed to a bi-directional charging (V2G) ecosystem. Innovative charging solutions are being developed in collaboration with We Drive Solar to embrace the V2G future.

NieuweWeme takes responsibility for building prototypes and series production of these advanced chargers. The collaboration with Vigor has resulted in an extensive network that can be used for grid connections, insurance and permits. With more than 30 years of experience in electrical engineering, engineering, panel construction and serial production, Vigor is well positioned to accelerate the energy transition with these charging solutions.

Our Charging Stations

The story of Vigor starts in 2018, when We Drive Solar turned to NieuweWeme with the vision of a future-proof V2G charging station for public spaces. We Drive Solar, a pioneer in solar charging, recognized early on the value of bi-directional (V2G) charging for the energy transition. In December 2018, We Drive Solar CEO Robin Berg and the then NieuweWeme CEO Ben Nieuwe Weme initiated an R&D process to develop the best charging station for this immense challenge. Paul van der Vegt led this process and was the driving force behind the technical development.

Birth of the WDS City

In March 2019, the first AC charging station was introduced and implemented on various We Drive Solar projects in Utrecht and the surrounding area. A year later, We Drive Solar won the order to supply no fewer than 4,000 of these charging stations, including for the municipality of Rotterdam. With this, Rotterdam prepared itself for a future with V2G charging infrastructure. Shortly afterwards, in July 2020, NieuweWeme started series production of this charging station, with an impressive capacity of 50 chargers per week.

All-in Solution

With the growing demand for charging facilities in public spaces, the need for a comprehensive solution arose. Vigor was founded as one party that controls the entire chain. With a particularly strong network and unparalleled knowledge and experience, Vigor is the ideal partner to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

With Vigor, all competencies of the parties involved are brought together under one roof, from production and product development to advice and project implementation. Combining the knowledge and experience of the various companies within Koolen Industries Products Group in the field of charging ecosystems was a logical step. Together with important partners, such as We Drive Solar, Vigor is committed to making a difference in the transition to sustainable mobility.

“By merging the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 30 years in the various companies within the Koolen Industries Products Group, regarding the charging ecosystem, creating Vigor was a logical step. With our bundled in-house expertise, we want to make a significant contribution to the transition to sustainable mobility, together with important partners such as We Drive Solar.”

Gerben Hilboldt, CEO of Vigor

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