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Vigor is the manufacturer of high quality charging stations in Hengelo and has real-world V2G-experience.

Committed Charging Partner.

We are involved in all steps of the process. From developing innovative charging solutions to efficient and serial production. And we proactively think along with you during implementation. At Vigor, we strive for a seamless and successful experience, from start to finish.


Bi-Directional Netherlands

The Netherlands faces the challenge of grid congestion and the need for sustainable energy. Bi-directional charging is a promising solution. This allows electric vehicles not only to draw power from the grid, but also to supply excess energy back when the grid is overloaded. This is timely in the Netherlands, where smart management of vehicles such as mobile energy storage systems can not only reduce congestion, but also make our energy costs manageable.

Why Vigor?

Only partner with real world V2G experience

In collaboration with We Drive solar, our charging stations are bidirectional. We are the only manufacturer of V2G charging stations that are actually used bidirectionally!


Our charging stations are available in all kinds of colors. For example, in the corporate identity of your own company, but also in colors that are least noticeable in the immediate environment.


Our charging stations offer unparalleled quality and reliability, built to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Expertise and experience

With deep expertise and proven experience in bi-directional and large-scale projects, Vigor is leading the way in the energy transition.

Our strong partner network

We maintain personal relationships with key players in the sector, to provide solutions to challenges such as grid congestion and permits.

Local and circular production

Our charging stations are produced locally, here in the Netherlands. In addition, the housing of our V2G charging stations is already made from 86% recycled materials.

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Case Study

CTPark Amsterdam City

Vigor has contributed to the realization of the most sustainable distribution center in the Netherlands. Watch the video!

How Vigor realizes innovation

1. Needs and situation analysis

We examine the size of the project, the desired loading capacity, the location requirements and other relevant factors. Based on this, we develop a tailor-made plan

2. Design and Planning

In this phase we work with the customer on a detailed plan. We take into account the infrastructure, the power supply, the optimal locations for the charging stations and any special requirements

3. Installation and implementation

We provide proactive support in implementing the charging solutions. We think along with you about various issues involved in installation.

4. Support and maintenance

After installation, we remain involved with ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance. We ensure optimal performance, provide technical assistance and resolve issues quickly to ensure efficiency.


Our Charging Stations

Our sustainability plans naturally also include the best technology. With innovative technologies and a focus on sustainability, our charging stations offer efficient charging and contribute to a greener future for electric transport.

WDS Wallbox (1/2 socket)

The We Drive Solar V2G Ecosystem

The bi-directional sun icon

We Drive Solar is a leader in the field of Vehicle to Grid and bi-directional charging. Thanks to our partnership with We Drive solar, all our V2G chargers contain the sun icon of We Drive Solar. This icon indicates that this is a bi-directional charging solution. This made it possible, together with We Drive Solar, to make Utrecht the first bi-directional city in the world!

V2G charging stations

V2G (Vehicle to Grid), means that the charger can both charge and discharge. In this way, an electric vehicle can in fact be used as a mobile energy storage system or battery. By deploying this technology on a large scale, it is possible to better balance the grid and prevent grid congestion. On average, a car stands still 95% of the time. With our We Drive Solar line of AC chargers, it is possible to send this unused energy back to the grid to cover peak times.

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