The PowerHouse

For public spaces and industrial estates.

180 kW

Charging capacity








Easily upgrade or replace parts due to modular design.

V2G Ready

Ready for bi-directional charging, now and in the future.​

Customizable color

Available in all RAL colors, so that it fits well in the environment or corporate identity.


By producing locally, circularly and using solar energy, we reduce our footprint.


Specifically designed for high-performance charging, the Power House provides lightning-fast charging speed to quickly charge your electric vehicle so you spend minimal time waiting. With its impressive charging speed and reliability, the Power House allows you to hit the road with your electric vehicle without any worries.

Dimensions: 435x780x1996 (lxwxh)

Weight: Approx. 377 kg

Protection: IP44-IK10, charging contact IP44

Standby power: 5

Watts AC incoming: 400V AC

Output values: 120/150/180 kW

Coupling: 2xCCS2

Firmware: Remote firmware update


This one can take a beating. We believe that public chargers should be robust and reliable.


Like all our chargers, the Powerhouse is designed, developed and produced entirely in-house.

Fast and Efficient

With 180kW Fast Charging and >96% Peak Efficiency, the Powerhouse wastes no time or electricity.


Small Footprint

Due to our local and circular production, sustainability is built into our production process

Smart Design

The Powerhouse is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, so that it does not disrupt public spaces

Compactly designed

The Powerhouse is Even though the Powerhouse is unbelievably powerful and strong, it fits in the smallest spots.

How Vigor realizes innovation

1. Needs and situation analysis​​

We examine the size of the project, the desired loading capacity, the location requirements and other relevant factors. Based on this, we develop a tailor-made plan.

2. Design and Planning​

In this phase we work with the customer on a detailed plan. We take into account the infrastructure, the power supply, the optimal locations for the charging stations and any special requirements.

3. Installation and implementation​

We provide proactive support in implementing the charging solutions. We think along with you about various issues involved in installation.

4. Support and maintenance​

After installation, we remain involved with ongoing support, monitoring and maintenance. We ensure optimal performance, provide technical assistance and resolve issues quickly to ensure efficiency.

Start Charging

Do you need advice about smarter charging? Please contact us.​