Our charging solutions

For the public space and businesses.
Our chargers

Two types, one purpose

AC chargers

Our V2G AC chargers have been specially developed in collaboration with We Drive Solar for public spaces. Vandalism resistant, circular where possible and bidirectional. This way, your environment can also become more sustainable quickly and safely.

DC chargers

Our DC Chargers offer lightning-fast charging speeds. Perfect for public spaces, so that as little time as possible is wasted waiting.

We Drive Solar AC Chargers
The famous V2G chargers designed in collaboration with our partner We Drive Solar.
WDS Wallbox (1/2 socket)
PowerHouse DC Lader
Powerful and reliable. With a very small footprint, this fast charger is designed to disrupt public spaces as little as possible.


This one can take a beating. We believe that public chargers should be robust and reliable.


Like all our chargers, the Powerhouse is designed, developed and produced entirely in-house.

Fast and Efficient

With 180kW Fast Charging and >96% Peak Efficiency, the Powerhouse wastes no time or electricity.


Small Footprint

Due to our local and circular production, sustainability is built into our production process

Smart Design

The Powerhouse is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, so that it does not disrupt public spaces

Compactly designed

The Powerhouse is Even though the Powerhouse is unbelievably powerful and strong, it fits in the smallest spots.

We Drive Solar

We have a long-term partnership with We Drive Solar, which extends from the early development phase of the bi-directional charging stations to now, where we proudly produce and deploy these charging stations. This collaboration forms an important foundation for our success.

What all our chargers do

Advanced backoffice

Our back office LMS (Charging Station Management System) offers complete control and monitoring of charging stations. From charging session management to real-time reporting, our advanced system ensures efficiency and convenience when managing your charging infrastructure.

User Management

With our charging card or QR code, users can easily start a charging session. We also offer the option to set access restrictions so that only authorized users can use the charging station. This way we guarantee safety and control over the charging process.

Sustainably designed for public spaces

All our chargers are specially made for public spaces. They are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible so as not to destroy the streetscape. They are also vandalism resistant and made to last a long time. Our chargers are produced modularly under the ‘made to fix, not to replace’ principle. This way we always ensure sustainable and future-proof charging solutions.

Your situation

Customized charging solutions

As a leading provider, we understand that municipalities, businesses and government agencies have unique charging needs. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements of each customer. Whether designing an urban charging network or implementing customized charging infrastructure, we deliver solutions that integrate seamlessly and meet the specific requirements of our customers.

We are happy to help!

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